So, You've Already Arrived at our World Healing & Training Center... Now What?

Welcome to the

Doc of Detox

World Healing & Training


Every week Dr. Darrell Wolfe hosts BraveHeartNation meetings in the tent. The meetings will be updated on Braveheart Nation Telegram Group Chat. Everyone is Welcome


Where do I go for my treatment?

Located in building 4, across from our Jungle Juice Bar you will find our treatment rooms and offices. The bottom floor of the building, rooms 1041-1045 are treatment rooms where we offer Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy, CellSonic, Energy Medicine, Thermography and Oligo and Whole Body Bone Scan.


Where do I book my treatments?

The second floor of the building, rooms 2041-2045 are the staff offices. The first office is room 2041, this is where you can get your devices connected to our guest WIFI, book treatments, consults, course bookings, purchase products, juice bar tickets, etc.


Treatments & Pricing:

Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy – $150 USD Cash/ hour – $175 Card/ hour

CellSonic – $0.50/Pulse USD Cash – $0.65/Pulse USD Card

*Booking a CellSonic Requires a deposit of $1000 to work through during your stay here. If you are interested in a minimal amount of CellSonic Treatments, you can prepay for 1 or 2 treatments.

Whole Body Thermography Scan – $400 USD Cash – $500 USD Card.

*This Whole Body Thermography Scan is a 120-point temperature check between your forehead and lower abdomen, the temperature is measured twice with a cooling period between measurements. This informs us of how your organs are reacting and regulating to the temperature change which shows us the degree of inflammation, crystallization, scar tissue formation and calcification within your body. This allows us to pinpoint treatments, dietary habits, and recommended products and protocols.

Oligo Test – $350 USD Cash – $450 USD Card

*The Oligo test is a point measurement on the hand that helps identify traces of heavy metals that are stuck in the body on a cellular level. It also provides information on which vitamins and minerals are deficient in the body.

Whole Body Bone Scan – $75 USD Cash – $95 USD Card

Whole Body Bone Scan is complimentary for all course attendees, Perfect Day Consultations and those receiving treatments. Visit our office to book in. 
*A healthy bone structure is the foundation of our immunity and a healthy vibrant life. Throughout the medical community, bone scans have become a way to measure the success of the treatment or protocol the patient is on. Even cancer clinics use this as a measurement for the success of their patients. Healthy bones = a disease free body. 



Energy Medicine:

We offer different types of energy medicine treatments where you can book to enjoy a relaxing hour with the following energy medicine devices

Bioptron –

Avacen –

Red light Infrared Therapy Chair & Standup Light

Sentient Element

Vitamin D Light


Where Can I Eat?

We have a long list of hand picked restaurants listed HERE,  but we’d like to introduce you to our exclusive Doc of Detox Jungle Juice Bar, located across from our office.

It is required to purchase tickets from office 2041, we recommend purchasing juice for the entire week. Each day you can redeem your ticket at the juice bar in exchange for your order. Our menu is listed below:


How Do I Get To The Beach?

As you walk out of the Ixtapa Palace lobby, you will see a red bike path on the other side of the road. If you cross the street to the bike path and follow it to the left, you will start to walk between restaurants and other resorts and will be able to clearly see a resort called ‘Park Royal’. Once you are closer to ‘Park Royal’ you will see a sign in the meridian on the road that says ‘Dolfiniti’ with dolphins on it. The ‘Dolfiniti’ sign is your indicator to take the road to the left of the sign which leads you down a path to an aquarium. If you walk around the right side of the aquarium past the coconut stand you will find yourself at the beach!


How Can I Get Doc of Detox Products in Mexico?

Shipping to Mexico is not easy, especially when it comes to Natural Supplements, however, we have found a successful shipping routine that allows us to import our products! Your order can contain any of our products listed on our online store as well as our Calcium Ion Therapy. The maximum order amount is up to 20lbs at $5.00/lbs and a minimum shipping cost of $25.00 USD. The transit time for shipments is approximately 2-2.5 weeks. To place an order, we ask that you make a list of everything you would like to purchase, along with quantities and size of product and provide the list to Tarra in office room 2041.