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The Doc of Detox World Healing & Training is located in:

Paseo de las Garzas Esq.
Paseo del Rincon S/N Residencial 3
40880 Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo Guerrero

Live, Love, Laugh ♥

Life in Ixtapa

Upon arrival, come meet with us. Our office is in Building 4, across from the juice bar, room #2041. Let us help you uncover and discover your new journey

Connect With Your BraveHeart family

Download Telegram from the APP store and join our BraveHeartNation family.

How to join our group – Click on THIS LINK HERE and it will automatically take you to Telegram, where you can follow their very simple instructions to download and install telegram. We plan events, activities and keep each other informed this way!

There are Sim cards available at the OXXO. if you want a local number, and there are large data packages & Local numbers with TelCell , which are good as the internet can be occasionally unreliable in places if there is no fiber optic available. TelCell is not the cheapest long term option but it is a fast way to go.

Simply go to the OXXO, tell the clerk you would like a TelCell SIM card (around $350 pesos with 50mb of data) and they will activate it. Then add $500 pesos for 8g of Data and local call and text is included. They will automatically add the minutes to your phone number at the OXXO. 


Upon arrival to start using the internet available , go the 4th building, by the Juice Bar, second floor in #2041 and get your Internet Login codes. 

We have 500 MB high speed internet connection at the resort, divided amongst everyone.

To ensure that you have a good connection inside your room we have installed additional antennas and connection boosters throughout the resort to provide you with a 10MB to 20MB WiFi connection inside your room.

If you would like to have a higher speed we do have 3 options for you:

    1. As soon as the public office in Building 4 are completed, you will have an option to rent office space with desk and full high-speed connection.
    2. You can rent a signal booster, which will be placed on your balcony, for $100 pesos a day plus a deposit ($3350 pesos) for the device which will be returned once you return the booster.
    3. You can buy a signal booster from Amazon or another provider. The device name is Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point BeaconHD / UDM-B-ES

Once you purchase the booster it is yours to keep and there will be a programming/setup fee of $500 pesos. If you have any further questions about this, please contact Michael (he’s the tall German man with blond hair and a smile), he has been the brains behind setting everything up.


For those who want to travel around Ixtapa with ease

Flying Tips

Fly Aeromexico; no vaccine needed, no pcr test, no vaccine passports. Please double check with airlines directly. Their rules and regulations change often. 

On your flight home, for approx. $65-$100, you can get a Saliva Test / Antigen. Give us a 2 day notice. They will come to the hotel. It will take minutes.

Car Rentals

Jose Hertz: 52-755-100-7468
If you decide to rent a car, we work closely with Jose. He speaks english, works with the Doc and he’ll give you a good deal! he can be reached through whatsapp, using the phone number above.

If you are looking for busses or other options check out this site.

"Feel free and safe to travel within the town of Ixtapa without your passport and/or your tourist visa card."


During the month of APRIL, please contact Dr. Darrell Wolfe directly for room prices: 855-900-4544 ext. 5


Doc Guest- docofdetox




Paseo de las Esq. Con P. del Rincón S/N Municipio Teniente, 40880 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro

Although there is staff here to assist you with your accommodations, and many of the staff speak English quite well,  please be sure to have your Google Translate (Great app) handy when interacting if you do not speak Spanish. Any and all questions, please visit us in our office, 4th building on the second floor across from the Jungle Juice Bar. 


*1 – Excludes Christmas, New Years and Easter Weeks. 

*2 – Example: In a 2-Bedroom Suite, Privacy 4/6 means 4 of the 6 guests will have privacy in their own bedroom. 2 guests will have the first room, 2 guests will have the second room, and 2 guests will use the family/living room sofa bed.  

*1 – Monthly payments accepted via cheque, wire transfer, direct deposit, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal or ACH. Must be paid at least 7 days prior to continue to receive extended stay discounts.

*2 – Non-Peak Season Base Rate. Excludes Christmas, New Years and Easter Weeks.

* Receive an additional 4% discount if 3 months are paid in advance, or 7% for 6 months, or 8% for 12 months.

Do not drink the tap water unless you have a structured water unit. We have Coconut filtered structured water available at The Jungle Juice Bar free to you for the duration of your stay. Tap water is not structured so we recommend you bring yours, or look into purchasing one before you come, as we do not have extra here to sell. They have ceramic cisterns as well for sale at the front desk to help dispense if you need.

The Restaurant is located in the Lobby area the hours are 11am-7pm and they have great Seafood. Please be sure you wear shoes and a shirt in the restaurant!

The deluxe athletic Fitness Center has cardio machines, free-weights and plenty of space inviting guests to work-out and do their aerobic routines.

The Hotel is a Pool lover’s dream with three separate areas. 

The TV’s do have cable and there are English stations. 

We all like to have a good time but please be respectful of the noise you make after 10pm. If it is loud in the pool area at night the sound carries to the whole hotel.

We have a Volleyball court set up across from the Jungle Juice Bar.  For those who love to garden, it is also located across from the Juice Bar.

"What If I don't speak Spanish?"

Don’t worry, we have Gina, a fellow BraveHeart who can
guide you in navigating the core fundamentals
of the beautiful Spanish language!

Learn Spanish + Truly CONNECT with the local community in México!


When Travelling it is best to use a Travel Belt to keep everything accessible and close to you. Also a Passport Wallet, something with RFID Protection as keeping all your cards, ID’s, and Passport in here it will prevent anyone trying to electronically steal your Identification.

There are room safes in each room and most hotels. Once you have arrived it is best to put everything in there. Every traveler will recommend the same thing. Pay with cash as much as possible, and never take your card out in places you don’t need to. This is not even because of any high crime, we are blessed to be somewhere safe, but if you lose your cards it’s a hassle to get it sorted out when you are here.

If you are on your way here, remember you can bring up to $10,000 in Cash or Travellers Cheques from your countries own currency with you. It is a good idea to bring Cash from home as the Banks will charge you a hefty fee for taking out Pesos on Foreign Cards. The fee will be the same whether you take out $100 pesos or $10000. Santander Bank (which is located within a 5 minute walk from the hotel) allows the most amount of pesos ($9000 per day) to be withdrawn at a time and has the lowest “VAT” fees of only $34 Pesos as compared to a hefty $174 Pesos at the BBVA Bank. Other banks often limit your withdrawals to a daily amount of $4000-$7000 Pesos.

If you are planning on staying here for an extended amount of time, it is better to Western Union Transfer to yourself in Mexico, but the best option is to get a Mexican Bank account at Intercam. All you need is your passport, your custom entry card, or visa (if you have one) and a copy of your hotel residency from the front Desk and a bank statement or utility bill from back home with your address that is not more than 3 months old, as well as a photo provided of your home back where you resided before coming to Mexico. 

You do not need a visa for the first 6 months, But NEVER throw out that customs card, you need it to exit the country.

If you are in Canada it is best to get a Bank of Montreal account before you go as they are the best in International Accounts and Transfers. There are 3 banks a block away from the hotel just behind the OXXO around the corner. You will have to use a teller

If any of you are moving your business here from Canada, and need some help with management to do so, please contact Connie and Zane, our business management team. They are a great resource: 1-250-486-8087.

BBV – This Bank seems to be compatible with most US and Canadian Cards. Mexicans seem to prefer this bank as well. Inter-Com Seems to as well take most cards easily and can link to Canadian accounts.

Santander – Has the lowest VAT fees and offers the maximum amount of pesos to be withdrawn per day.

Western Union – You have to go to Zihuatanejo about a 12 min drive.


Super Limpio

This place is a couple minutes walk across from the hotel where the little shops are behind the Oxxo around the corner. Dan and Jessi are the owners & speak English. Dan is a Canadian expat and an absolute pleasure to chat with, he is a wealth of knowledge about this place! They wash, dry and fold your clothes perfectly. The cost is calculated by the weight and is very reasonable $3-5 CAD/ load.


Ixtapa has one Market located in town a few minutes walk from the hotel. It has all the basics plus, but for a big grocery shop with variety you need to go to ZIhuatanejo.

The two Grocery and Ware stores are Bodega and Soriella.

The Bodega is akin to Walmart, Sam’s club (which is akin to Costco) and has the most diverse options. Where Soriella has fresher produce, healthier options, and an International food section.

For your fruits and Vegetables you want to go to the outdoor Markets. We know the best ones and we will be happy to show you. Make sure you always bring your own bags reusable bags, as most stores do not provide them.

There is also a small Organic and all natural food market on Saturdays. They are wonderful and the people who run it are fantastic! There is also a Health Food store named Cafe Ixtapa located in Zihuatanejo (40890, Los Cocos) near the local markets.

Shopping for clothes is a lot more expensive than Zihuatanejo, but there is better quality Swim and Beachwear in Ixtapa. At the Organic market there are a few booths of all Handmade clothing from regions all over Mexico. At all markets be prepared to barter if you want to. But make sure you speak enough Spanish to do so or have some help, or you will get “Gringo prices”. If you cannot find what you are looking for there are a few online options.

Amazon Mexico – You can order on Amazon but beware of the shipping as anything imported will be heavily taxed!

Mercado Libre – The best option with VERY good prices, they have free shipping and you can get almost anything! Drawback is the app is only in Spanish. The web page will translate but they do not accept many foreign cards. There is an easy solution however! Go to your local OXXO with your online shopping cart ready to pay and you select Pay with OXXO. Hand your phone to the teller. They will enter your order number and you pay at the store.

Costco Mexico – You can use your Costco Membership here or Purchase on for around $30 Can. Costco Ships from Mexico City and has free delivery.

Community Members coming – If anyone that is coming here has space, and would like to reach out to the folks here, Please do. There are certain things that are hard to get, or very expensive to be shipped. Especially for Doc of Detox products you can post on our Telegram BraveHeartNation and link up with our Ixtapa Family. We are all better together!


Our Main base is of course our hotel. This will be the hub of connecting with each other, and it is our beautiful Sanctuary. But like every other rental property in Mexico it has suffered from lack of tourism and needs repairs and improvements. These are already in progress and will be done in stages, so we ask if you are staying here you be patient with the staff and enjoy watching us all breath new life and completely restore this beautiful gem.

That being said, if you would prefer another rental place, or looking for a house, or somewhere pet friendly, or closer to shopping and local markets we can still assist you!



For more information on building your treatment plan with our Master Practitioners,
call  250 980 0554  

(**Course attendee pricing is listed in the sign-up portal


Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy:
Up to 20 Hours
$150 Cash USD/ Hour
$175 Card USD/ Hour

Wolfe Non-Surgical Full Body Restoration:
(20 to 40 Hours of full body restoration program)
$200 Cash USD/ Hour
$225 Card USD/ Hour

  • 20 hours of treatment will require a minimum of 30 days with our clinic.
  • 40 Hours of treatment will require a minimum of 60 days with our clinic.
  • Length of time will be personalized to the condition of the patient/client.

WNS Sage Jason (Away Treatments)

– $225/Hr USD Cash Only

$150 USD/ hour – NOTE: (Price Increase Oct. 1 – $195/Hr USD)

W/Sharon – $250 USD/hour)  – NOTE: (Sharon’s Price Oct 1 – $195/Hr USD)

Whole Body Thermography Scan:
$425 USD Cash / $500 USD CC

Oligo Heavy Metal Testing:
$375 USD Cash / $450 USD CC 

Whole Body Thermography Scan & Oligo Combined: 
$700 USD Cash/ $800 USD CC

$0.65/ Pulse Cash USD
$0.75/ Pulse Card USD

Cardiovascular Med Bed:
$150 Cash/ Session USD
$175 Card/ Session USD

Bone Density Scan – Complimentary

1 Day $15
1 Week $45
1 Month $100

Cardiovascular Med Bed Package:
Cardio Bed Beginner Session – 15-Min: $75 USD CC / $50 Cash
Cardio Bed per session – Clients- $175 USD CC / $150 Cash
Cardio Bed per session – Course Attendee – $150 USD CC / $125 Cash
Cardio Bed – 6 WK Routine – $4,500 USD CC / $3,750 Cash

EES Treatment
1 Hr $150 USD
1 Week $600 USD
1 Month $2,000 USD


Please remember people don’t rush in the service industry in Mexico. They will be there in a “Mexico 15 Minute.” Try and be patient, and if you are in a rush call ahead, or inform the wait staff prior to ordering. Tipping is the same standard as in the USA and Canada 15-20%.


You can get your favorite organic vegetable juice, fruit smoothie blender drink, coconut juice fresh from the coconut. We will also cut out the coconut meat and put it in a Ziploc bag and pour the coconut water into your personal container if you so desire. Freshly made Daily Cleansing Tea is now available in a 2 L jar for those who wish to purchase. If you do not have a personal container you can put a deposit down on 2 cup, 4 cup and 8 cup jars to use through your stay once you are done just return them to get your deposit back. Please come to room 2045 (10am – 4pm Monday – Friday) to purchase your Jungle Juice Bar Tickets, we are located in building 4 just across from the Juice Bar.  Save yourself some time by purchasing tickets for an entire week, then each day you can present your ticket at the Juice Bar to get your orders.

La Perla

La Pearla is a well known restaurant all over Mexico. It is Located on La Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo and boasts the most beautiful secluded ocean side view. Francisco the owner has been amazing helping our crew with many things, and so happy we are bringing healing to this paradise! The main fare is Seafood – which is spectacular, but also has many other delicious options. Their Chefs are happy to try to oblige your requests. Rated one of the best restaurants in Mexico, Sunset on the Beach at La Pearla is truly spectacular! They also have a sports lounge for you to watch your favorite games from back home. Or go get a relaxation massage on top of the restaurant while you feel the ocean breeze! La Pearla is a magical dining experience.

La Raiz De La Tierra is a beautiful vegan café and is only a 5-minute walk from our hotel, they also deliver!

Merza is a mini grocery store with limited selection but conveniently close to the hotel, this is found on the main strip in Ixtapa.

Mercado Municipal is a beautiful outdoor market downtown Zihuatanejo where you can find fruits and veggies from local sources.


(Grandma’s House)

Doña Rupe is our favorite hole in the wall, Located directly down from the BBVA bank beside the Tropicana Hotel. Don’t let the humble exterior fool you. The chef is one of the best in town! Danny the owner and Emilo speak perfect English and are always eager to cater to your needs. If you want something that is not on the Menu just ask! They will make anything you like! Their menu is amazing as well, and they boast some of the best salads and cooked veggies in town! Any questions about anything in Ixtapa and area, Danny and Emilo are a fantastic resource, and they know our group well and we are so grateful to them for having helped us get situated with the locals! They are also available to deliver Menu items, Fruits and Veggies and for Catering! Danny has even been so kind to offer us a discount Breakfast Special options!
Quesadilla /Corn Tortilla ( Seasonal Veggies inside)/ 1 cup of coffee and refill – 100 pesos
Mixed Seasonal Veggie Omelette / Coffee, hibiscus juice or tamarindo juice(no sugar added to juice) 100/pesos, (He also has fresh OJ this is extra)
– One Fruit Smoothie Coconut Milk Smoothie 50 pesos
– Mixed Seasonal Fruit 70 pesos


La Raiz (fabulous plant based and fresh food eateries) is next to a sushi place in the Ixtapa square, has fabulous plant based raw food! 17 Breakfast till noon, lunch (dinner) till 10 pm. Fresh pressed juices, fruit or vegetable, matcha, coffee choices, teapot tea.etc fabulous plant based and fresh food eateries, No eggs, Seitan for chicken or beef dishes if you like that (it is wheat based).Also minimal dairy in the menu. Plant based Desserts as well! Above average in prices, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.

Yumi-No Touche

Owned and operated by Sushi Chef Victor H. Bocanegra who speaks great English and makes an amazing assortment of gluten and dairy free sushi delights!



Playa La Ropa (La Ropa Beach)

Ahhh… For many people, this is the best beach in Zihuatanejo. Stunning Views, Laid back and fairly secluded, spending time on a beach such as Playa La Ropa will heal your soul. Many think La Ropa is one of the nicest Beaches in the World ! Early in the morning, before people are out and about, it’s lovely to walk La Ropa Beach, a silky soft sand beach that extends for about a mile. 19 Coconut trees provide shade, and the sea water is like a warm bath and smooth most of the time, making it ideal for swimming.Body surfing on the gentle thigh-high waves that roll up on the beach is also popular. You can rent paddle boards, go parasailing, or just enjoy the peace and quiet!

Playa Principal (Or Playa Municipal)

Playa Principal is the main beach right in front of the town of Zihuatanejo. While the beach is sandy with calm water, it isn’t suitable for swimming because of the amount of boat traffic. But it’s a great place for watching the local fishermen or getting a fishing charter (the Jack Crevalle fishing is excellent here).

Playa La Madera (Or Playa Madera)

The beach walkway in front of Playa Principal continues past several picturesque coves to nearby Playa Madera (or Madera Beach). The walkway has recently been rebuilt, and Playa Madera is now a beautiful 10- to 15-minute, oceanfront walk from downtown Zihua. This small Zihuatanejo beach is sandy, and the water is relatively calm closer to the shore. Bodysurfing is one of the most popular activities here, next to swimming.

Playa Las Gatas

Named for the harmless cat-whiskered nurse sharks that once hung out on the sandy bottom years ago, Playa Las Gatas is the perfect beach to get away from it all. It’s great for both snorkeling and swimming. A man-made breakwater of boulders keeps the shallow waters free of surf. So this beach in Zihuatanejo is ideal for children and adults who aren’t strong swimmers. Bring your snorkeling gear (or rent from a beach shack) because there’s a nice variety of colorful underwater marine life to view – from eels to angelfish and puffer fish. Also keep an eye out for the large bronze statue of Jesus submerged about 30 feet underwater!

Ixtapa Island (Isla Ixtapa)

One of the best day trips from Zihuatanejo is to take a water taxi to Ixtapa Island. Playa Cuachalalate This beautiful beach is sandy with calm waters. It’s the most popular beach (and the one closest to the boat dock). A short walk away is Playa Varadero This beach is also sandy and good for swimming. On the other side of the island Coral Beach offers snorkeling along a coral reef in shallow waters. Though the water wasn’t very clear the day we snorkeled, we still saw clouds of small pink-and-yellow rainbow fish, butterflyfish and yellow-and-black striped Sargent Majors. Coral Beach also gets a lovely breeze, so if it’s a hot day, you may want to swim on the sandy side of the island but hang out and have lunch on Coral Beach. If you feel like a bit of exercise, hang a left when you get off the boat and hike up the hill for some great views. The trail then descends back down into Coral Beach. In the middle of the island, there are bars and a large open-air kitchen space, where the fresh-caught seafood is grilled and drinks are made. It’s hard to make out the names of the restaurants, but Restaurante Cuachalalate (with the orange umbrellas) on Playa Cuachalalate gets a thumbs-up for its fresh tortillas and huge coconut shrimp.

Playa Larga

Playa Larga is mostly undeveloped and very sandy, although the water features large breakers at the shore and a strong riptide. Even though swimming is less than ideal here, there are other opportunities for fun that include jogging, horseback riding, fishing and whale watching. Hiking trails that lead from the beach up into old plantation grounds are also worth exploring.

Playa Contramar

This rocky beach is very inviting, with a location in a cove that keeps the water calm. The clear water is ideal for swimming, as well as snorkeling. One thing that stands out about this beach is the array of tropical fish species, as well as octopi and eels. Consider having a pair of sandals or flip-flops handy for walking on the beach to protect your tootsies from the rocks and pebbles.

Playa Linda

Playa Linda boasts a sandy beach and much calmer water than many other Ixtapa beaches. Swimming is always fun here. What’s special about this beach in Ixtapa is its location within a crocodile preserve. Large crocodiles sun on the banks of a fenced-off mangrove estuary that feeds into the ocean. (Don’t worry, you’re not swimming with the crocodiles!) We were told there are about 100 crocs in this cocodrilario. You can also see two-foot-long iguanas resting on tree branches (keeping out of harm’s way). White herons and other exotic birds strut their stuff too here.


Tours with Tony –
Tony is a legend, he is offering special prices to our group, please tell him you’re with the BraveHeartNation when you book. His English is amazing and he has so much local knowledge to share with you! 4 people minimum

Ixtapa Island –
10am – 4pm, $350 pesos including lunch, appetizer, catch of the day/w sides and a drink, transportation, boat, and luxury relaxation on two beautiful beaches.

Turtle Release –
$650 pesos 9am-12:30 or 2pm-6pm includes transportation. Go and experience helping release the baby turtles on their journey. There is no experience quite like this!

Archeology Tour –
$750 pesos 9am-230pm. History and Coastline life informational guide, stop in a local renowned fishing town. A tour of a Coconut Museum and an Organic Coconut shop filled with all sorts of goodies. Now we are heading south to an archaeology site and museum . Then we go to the Pyramids, followed by local fruit groves followed by lunch at an amazing local restaurant included (veggie options)

Los Catas Beach –
11am-5pm $350 pesos – Go enjoy some real Mexico at the local fishing village and market, near a quiet remote beach. Lunch is included at a popular local restaurant (veggie options).

Bike Rentals/ Tours with Rigo –

A new deal has been generously offered to us by Rigo the bike guy. New price for rental – 100 pesos for 4 hours, only for Bravehearts! 4 hours will give one enough time to stop and enjoy local scenes, explore other beaches, nature parks etc including local F&B if one so desires. The coconuts are amazing here and the flesh is super delicious with the local jackfruit, tamarind jam with chilli, n sugar free too! Give that a try when opportunity arises. Thanks to Daniel at Grandma’s for suggesting this to Rigo and thank you to Rigo for accepting Daniel’s recommendation! A very fair offer of $100 + 4 hours price, definitely sufficient time for all to get out there, explore and have a fun and adventurous time here in Ixtapa
4hrs $100 pesos
After 6hrs $200 pesos
1 week rental $600 pesos
1 month rental $1000 pesos
Bike tour 3hr 30km – 40 km with mini stop for coffee- $300 pesos including bike/ Bike Guided tour please speak with him!
Dirt bike tour $350 pesos

Fishing with Danny –
$2300 pesos for Fishing and Snorkeling! Come join one of our best local friends Danny, as he shows you the best spots to indulge your Love for the Ocean.

Español Lessons with Gina – Enquire at BraveHeartNation Telgram.

Although you can get by with little Spanish in México, most would rather communicate more in Spanish, without relying on a translator app. Spanish is a beautiful language.  Locals really appreciate it AND it leads to deeper, more personal human connection.  There is a handy app called Duo Lingo that can help introduce you to the basics if you want to start learning with an app.  However, it’s definitely best to start learning NOW!  Going above and beyond a self-learning app, we have a wonderful BraveHeart here who teaches Spanish lessons for many levels, both in-person and virtually!  Look above on this page for more info and you can inquire in the BraveHeart Nation Telegram group HERE!



 ➞ Maragen
 ➞ Daily Cleansing Tea
 ➞ Clapper
 ➞ Belly Button Therapy 
 ➞ BodyGuard Pendants
 ➞ Structured Water Units
 ➞ CBD & THC (Military Grade) 
 ➞ Black Diamond
 ➞ DMSO Gel / Cream
 ➞ BodyGuard Pendants
 ➞ Stainless Steel Enema Bucket
 ➞ Enema Coffee

 ➞ Daily Cleansing Tea
 ➞ Coconut Milk
 ➞ Whole Coconut 
 ➞ Blender Drinks
 ➞ Protein Shots
 ➞ Black Gold

 ➞ All Shipments Are Insured (10-14 day delivery)
 ➞ 5$/pound (maximum weight: 20lbs)

Come to 4th building, across from the Jungle Juice Bar – Rm 2041 to place your order.