In 2019, Joel launched his #1 bestselling book called “Winnipeg Online – Increase Your Visibility and Crush Your Competition”. It hit #1 in 6 categories on Amazon and reached the #2 spot of the top 100 paid kindle books. Joe’s focus is to help clients disrupt their competition online, control their online reviews and bring significant traffic to their websites. His passion is to help others to succeed in marketing and to help build their business. His interests are travelling, meeting new people, journaling, meditating, furthering his personal growth, pursuing fitness (he competed in FAME twice), spending time with his wife Alan and their cat Kitty, and occasionally flying an airplane. His passion of guiding business owners to win online using innovative and disruptive online marketing technologies earned him the title as “Digital Sherpa”. His goal is to guide business owners through the modern marketing landscape with confidence while successfully moving their brands forward. 


Mindy Harley is a Self Mastery and Life Transformation Coacj, Social Media business Consultant and owner of Social Empire, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, and Publushed Fitness Model. She has been in the Fitness Industry for over two decades and has worked behind the scenes as a Soocial Media Manager & Marker for many prominent fitness businesses during that time. Some of her clients have included Muscle Insider, Bedros Keuilian, Beast Sports, Pharmafreak, Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe of Strong Girls Coaching, Rock Solid Nutrition, SD Pharmaceuticals, and Conscious Mind Labs. In 2017, after recognizing how many business owners were failing getting a leg up on scoail media with their small business, and how crucial social media in in today’s world, she shifted to fodusing on passing down the blueprint for social media success onto small business owners with her signature coaching container – “Become the Master”. Since them she’s worked