Our Dream.
Our Vision.
Our Mission.

“My dream is to spread the
power of unconditional
self-love touching the hearts of millions worldwide”

– Dr. Darrell Wolfe

That is why in 2023 we are launching the New World Practitioner World Tour with a bang:

22 NEW WORLD Certifications
5 Countries
4 Continents
4 States
2 Provinces
1 Mission:
Spreading unconditional love and touching the hearts of millions worldwide

Our intention is to empower you to find your roar and stand in your power to become the practitioner you — and your family — have been looking for.

We want you to innerstand that although you may be coming to a lecture because somebody in your life is suffering on an emotional and physical level, by the end you’ll discover that unconditional love for ourselves and each other is the golden key to set us free.

If we could just spark you to feel a little bit of unconditional love, I know you would jump right in and become unconditional love. That means that you will go around touching the hearts of other people because when you have unconditional love for yourself, others feel it. I believe this is the only way that we will have world healing. Join me on this mission, my passion and my purpose. And I promise you that your life has only just begun.

"The World Needs Leaders
Not Followers...
Be Your Own Leader."

Dr. Darrell Wolfe