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Wolfe Non Surgical
🇦🇺 Coffs Harbour, Australia
(SAT, Aug 17 – WED, Aug 28, 2024)

DATE: Saturday, August 17 - Wednesday, Aug 28, 2024
COURSE PLACE: Sanctuary Resort
COURSE ADDRESS: 250 Pacific Hwy, North Boabee Valley, NSW 2450
PHONE: +61 0 413-993-493

Wolfe Non Surgical
🇲🇽 Ixtapa, Mex
(Sat, Oct 19 – Wed, OCt 30, 2024)


DATE: Saturday, October 19 – Wednesday, October 30, 2024
COURSE PLACE: Cala de Mar Resort & Spa Ixtapa
COURSE ADDRESS: Paseo, Punta Ixtapa S/N, Zona Hotelera II, 40880 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro.
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2


Wolfe Non surgical
🇲🇽 Ixtapa, MEx
(Sat, Feb 8 – Wed, Feb 19, 2025)


DATE: Sat, Feb 8 – Wed, Feb 19, 2025
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2


Wolfe Non surgical
🇨🇦 Calgary, Canada
(Sat, Mar 29 – Wed, Apr 9, 2025)


DATE: sat, Mar 29 – Wed, Apr 9, 2025
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2

Wolfe non surgical
🇺🇸 Florida, USA
(Sat, Apr 10 – Wed, Apr 23, 2025)


DATE: Sat, Apr 10 – Wed, Apr 23, 2025
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
HOST: Doc of Detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2

Wolfe non Surgical
🇲🇽 Ixtapa, Mex
(Sat, May 10 – Wed, May 21, 2025)


DATE: Wed, May 10 – Thur, May 21, 2025
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2


Wolfe non Surgical
🇲🇽 Ixtapa, Mex
(Sat, Oct 11 – Wed, Oct 22, 2025)


DATE: Sat, Oct 11 – Wed, Oct 22, 2025
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2


presented by dr.sage wolfe

Dr. Sage Wolfe has been practicing as a Certified Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapist for 14 years. He is the primary author of the Wolfe Non-Surgical manual. He holds a doctorate in Indigenous Medicine and a doctorate in Natural Medicine. Dr Sage Wolfe understands the body, its ability to recover and its limitations because he himself was a professional gymnast. He has taught worldwide from housewives, teenagers, retirees, massage therapists, nurses, chiropractors, and medical doctors all the way to oncologists. His energy and expansive knowledge on health, healing and psychology will make your Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy Certification the doorway to the success you deserve on a personal and professional level.


Where other
therapies end…
Wolfe Non-Surgical

Become a world leading bodywork therapist with the most powerful bodywork technique in the last 40 years. This proven technique — Wolfe Non-Surgical — reverses the so-called irreversible.

The Wolfe Non-Surgical certification course is 12 days and requires 100 hours of training and treating.

This specialized elbow therapy technique allows you to pull muscle fibres apart which ultimately restores the flow of blood, lymph and life force to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and organs. Wolfe Non-Surgical does not break up anything nor remove anything. It brings back the breath of life, reversing the issues in all body tissues by restructuring adipose tissue, adhesions, lesions, fibroids, tumors, calcifications and scar tissue from surgery.

WHY wolfe non-surgical?

Wolfe Non-Surgical is needed now more than ever as the world seems to be aging faster. There are more prescription drugs, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, implants and scheduled surgeries than ever before. Old age is a scar tissue issue that is mainly created by lifestyle choices such as diet and hydration, physical injuries, surgeries and most importantly your thoughts and belief systems.

The secret to reversing physical issues in the tissues hides within the joints. Almost all bodywork therapists do not understand the true art of bodywork. This is why people keep going back to the same therapist or spend a lifetime searching for the holy grail of healing.

These issues in the tissues lead to displaced calcium, crystallization and scar tissue causing aches, pains, drug addictions, lumps, bumps and recommendations for surgery Which incidentally creates the most scar tissue in the body and then you need more drugs to numb out the pain from surgery.

But what if naturopaths, medical doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths and nurses who have never been taught to address this, now know how? This would be the tipping point of change when it comes to pain and inflammation which add up to a lifetime of suffering.

What if you yourself step in to becoming the therapist every body demands? Remember, symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that there are issues in the tissues, and that your body is out of balance. The pain that you live with is the pain you’re experiencing in your mind first and foremost. This drops your frequency indicating your weak links. 

Wolfe non-surgical

Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy has been shown to be the most effective form of bodywork therapy to reverse the underlying cause of chronic and acute muscular and skeletal problems, accidental & sports injuries, muscle loss (atrophy) and internal scar tissue formation within the body caused by lifestyle choices and surgery. To back this up all our certified Wolfe Non-Surgical therapists offer a money back guarantee on the first treatment that it will outperform all other therapies combined. The most impressive result is instant pain relief, increased range of motion, mobility, flexibility, tone, strength and energy.

Eliminating scar tissue, displaced calcium and crystallization removes the physical blocks that create swelling, pain, stiffness, inflammation, and, yes, abnormal growths. Your life force will flow optimally because your circulation would be where it needs to be. In fact, you can reverse the seemingly irreversible, and treat the so-called untreatable. Eliminating the physical block eliminates the physical problem, and the symptoms that go with it. Always remember the body cannot heal with the same mind that created the disease or ailment.

While this therapy seems to produce miracles, it is in fact just common sense that becomes an everyday occurrence when you master this technique. We’re not removing scar tissue, we’re not removing tumors, we’re not removing fibroids, we’re not removing arthritis, we’re not removing endometriosis, and we’re not removing scars from surgery.


We’re restoring life to your tissues, lovingly pulling the tissues apart to allow the breath of life to restructure them to their original state. We like to call it the domino effect of healthy healing.

Patients notice a remarkable difference in just one treatment. Dr. Sage Wolfe, Dr. Darrell Wolfe and any other New World Practitioner will successfully demonstrate how Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy can reduce an arthritic joint’s pain and size by 70-80% in half an hour, but here’s something else for you to take in: We can also greatly reduce a fibroid the size of an orange by up to 30% within 30 minutes; or someone can walk-in with a cane and walk out without it. It all depends on how much the client is willing to let go. 

We train you to teach your patients / clients how to address body pain as body talk (GPS), and how they can avoid becoming a victim emotionally and physically due to an outdated Belief System that ‘this is as good as it gets’.


One of the best parts about the Wolfe Non-Surgical certification course is that you get a full body treatment to help resolve your aches, pains and body issues too. You’ll be getting — and giving — approximately 35-40 hours of Wolfe Non-Surgical therapy from your toes to the tip of your nose. How is that for cool?

Here are just four of our Wolf Non-Surgical advanced body treatments:

  • Abdominal Lifts where we can actually see a reduction in the waistline by 3-4 inches in the first treatment.

  • Breast Restoration which gives the breasts more tone. We can even measure the location of the nipples before and after Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy, and the nipples will actually be 1 inch higher afterwards.

  • Facelifts which go beyond the superficial muscles and actually take off 3-10 years off the face, depending on lifestyle. In fact, estheticians around the world who have taken the course now prefer Wolfe Non-Surgical to be their primary service.

  • Spinal Treatments which also helps you increase your height by 1-2 inches.  

In closing, this is Dr Darrell Wolfe, and I would like to say “take a good look at the standard MedicalCare and Natural HealthCare and the professional bodyworkers who are promoted in health care today, and ask yourself if that is as good as it gets. My answer to you is, guess what, it
is much better. We will teach you how to reverse the irreversible and make the impossible become I AM Possible. Come, get certified as a Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapist and unleash the power within to become the practitioner who you are meant to be.

Follow Your Passion

When? Now. 

Now is the time to live your dream, and find your passion and purpose. What if miracles became everyday occurrences in your life? How would that make you feel? Come follow the footsteps of thousands just like you. Together we can change the face of Health Care. 

  • Take 1 Wolfe Non-Surgical BodyWork Certification AND 1 Whole Life Coach Certification to become a New World Practitioner
  • Take 1 Wolfe Non-Surgical BodyWork Certification or 1 Whole Life Coach Certification and get your business started. Take both three times and become a Master Practitioner and join our world referral map. 
  • Help train 3 of our New World Practitioner Certifications and go on our New World Master Trainer map for referrals. The sky is the limit. Reach for it. . 
  • To uncover and discover more, review the 12 Keys to Greatness: Unlocking Your Personal and Professional Potential.


Self Study

To Prepare for the Course, visit our library and Read or Watch:

  • The Perfect Day Guide – you will get a downloadable copy after registering for the course. In the meantime, enjoy this sample. If you didn’t receive,  it email 
  • ‘12 Loving Steps’
  • ‘A to Z Issues in the Tissues’ 
  • ‘How to Become #1 at the Art of #2’
  • ‘The Domino Effect of Normal Living’
  • ‘The Highway to Health, Your Digestive Tract’ – from Jan 2023 shoot
  • ‘The Domino Effect of the Large Intestine’ 
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence of Cancer, Disease and Healing’
  • BraveHeart Online Emotional Intelligence MasterClass 



You will notice more results within the first treatment than anything else you have done already.

That’s because other therapies don’t address the scar tissue, inflammation, calcification and crystallization that is creating the physical block. This block is what leads to aches, pains, lumps, bumps and disease.

Focusing on this as the root cause enables Wolfe Non-Surgical practitioners with the power to go in and truly reverse issues in just a few treatments, sometimes only one.

In fact, we’re going to prove to you that all the issues in your tissues are reversible.

You are invited to weekly private Master Trainings in our platform to help you become successful in your business on a financial, physical and emotional level, along with a direct support line to answer your questions.

Expect to learn a lot. Expect intensity. Expect to unlearn what you have learned, and relearn what works. Expect to be amazed. Expect mindset shifts, breakthroughs, disappearing pain, and what seems like miracles. In reality though, you discover how to take back your power and connect with your authentic self. Expect success in all areas of your life and your practice.

Each day, Dr. Sage Wolfe will be reviewing/demonstrating Wolfe Non-Surgical technique, then the class breaks into groups of two, one as the client and one as the practitioner. For example, a day might look like the shoulder review/demonstration/practice in the AM and the Elbow wrist and hand review/demonstration/practice. The participants switch 1/2 way through each practice session so that everyone learns all the techniques. Dr. Sage Wolfe, Master Trainers and/or their practitioner helpers will be on hand to answer questions, provide guidance and ensure you feel comfortable with what you’ve learned.

Expect early mornings (approx 8:00 AM) with the day ending around 4:00-5:00 PM.

Yes, after each section, you are given 5–15 minutes to stretch your legs, take a washroom break, get something to eat or drink, or have a chit-chat. Lunch also generally lasts an hour. While the course lasts for 12 days, there is a 1-day break after day 6. This allows you to assimilate and elevate all that you learned.
Wolfe Non-Surgical is the most effective therapy to remove topical and internal scar tissue, correct and prevent serious muscle and joint conditions, including MS, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury, and Stroke. The majority of surgeries performed for chronic illness can be avoided with Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy and the introduction of the Perfect Day Lifestyle. Wolfe Non-Surgical is a must for post surgery scar tissue. Surgery creates more scar tissue than any injury, accident, or chronic illness. Wolfe Non-Surgical has proven to be the antidote to the surgery-obsessed approach to knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, back pain or any body part. With the Wolfe Non-Surgical spinal release, it can also help you increase your height by 1-2 inches.
  • Aches, Pains & Issues
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Ankle Problems
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Disc Problems
  • Dislocated Hip
  • Dislocated Knee
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Foot
  • Restructuring
  • Frozen Neck/Shoulder
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Hip Problems
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Neck Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Non-Surgical
  • Breast Lift
  • Numbness & Tingling
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Overuse
  • Syndrome
  • Rheumatoid
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Shin Splints
  • Sinusitis/Sinus Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • TMJ
  • Whiplash
  • Work-Related Injuries
  • Wolfe Non-Surgical provides the most successful, long-lasting Non-Surgical Facelift. That’s because pain and internal scar tissue are the major causes of premature aging. Beauty is more than skin deep. It lies within the deeper tissues of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

    For the face it can help with youthful aging:

    • Restores hydration to fibrous muscle
    • Increases lymphatic circulation
    • Relieves congestion from lymph nodes
    • Improves lymphatic blood vessels
    • Restores the nervous system
    • Stimulates blood supply to each and every cell
    • Helps to effectively remove toxins from muscles and cells
    • Improves the flow of hormones
    • Improves sclerotic blood vessels
    • Increases range of motion
    • Helps to heal damaged ligaments and tendons
    • Corrects damaged muscles helping to relieve congestion and inflammation
    • Improves skin conditions and disorders by increasing circulation to the skin


    It is also great for Non-Surgical Breast Lifts: 

    Our Wolfe Non-Surgical for breast lifts is so successful because it removes the physical blocks of scar tissue, calcification and crystallization that impede the proper circulation of lymph, blood and energy flow. When healthy circulation is restored so is cellular tone which creates a natural breast lift. After a breast lift, the nipples can be higher by up to 1 inch.

    Well, for almost 4 decades Dr. Darrell Wolfe — PhD in Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural and Indigenous Medicine — has devoted his life to creating life-changing therapies and trainings, as well as strategies and tools for those who wish to become practitioners or those who wish to bring their health to a new level.


    He created Wolfe Non-Surgical 40 years ago due to the crystallization, calcification and internal scar tissue he found in all of his patients, which is not recognized by the medical field or natural health industry.


    Since then Wolfe Non-Surgical has been shown to be the most effective form of therapy in the elimination of internal scar tissue, crystallization and calcification which are the major underlying causes of premature aging, autoimmune disease, pain and physical limitation (whether acute or chronic).


    All therapies have their place but unless you open up and release the internal scar tissue in the process, then the therapy becomes useless or temporary at best. Where other therapies fail, Wolfe Non-Surgical succeeds.


    The Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification course was developed to show the world a new level of bodywork therapy and prove that people can live pain-free.

    Wolfe Non-Surgical works by performing a 45-degree angle, cross-fiber elbow technique on body tissues which instantly restores balance in the muscles, ligaments, organs and tendons relieving pressure off joints, organs and the nervous system.


    Wolfe Non-Surgical stimulates and regenerates the lymphatic and circulatory systems which helps to increase the delivery of nutrients while removing toxic waste from the cells. Even though it’s called non-surgical, it is easier to perform than your average Swedish massage and can be gentle and soothing, or painful and intense depending on the condition.


    When you have continual or returning pain in an area, this is unresolved internal scar tissue and inflammation. If this internal scar tissue is not opened up with flow and energy restored to these tissues, you will live with this for the rest of your life. If left untreated or ineffectively treated, the body will continue to build more internal scar tissue. Eventually you may not feel the pain because of so much scar tissue build up, however you will still have poor circulation, decreased range of motion, premature aging and you will become stiff as a board.


    When you open up and release the hardened internal scar tissue, calcification and crystallization, then you will have eliminated the number one cause of pain and suffering that the majority of the population lives with. This hardened internal scar tissue must be manually opened up and then the emotional and physical toxicity must then be flushed out of the system for elasticity, flexibility, strength, complete range of motion and for energy to return. When we relieve the body of unwanted scar tissue and crystallization, the body will naturally find balance and alignment. Better posture and improved movement can be expected in the first treatment.


    Wolfe Non-Surgical releases nerves that are being strangled, irritated and inflamed by the scar tissue in your body. In even the most chronic problem, we can see improvements within 1-3 treatments.


    The Wolfe Non-Surgical Course is designed to give practitioners and those who wish to bring their health to the highest level the most advanced, cutting-edge strategies, tools and techniques in the art of Natural Healing in the most empowering, but simplistic holistic way.
    People come from all around the world and from all walks of life to our breakthrough trainings and certifications because Wolfe Non-Surgical therapy works. Our training and certification events are life-changing, fun experiences: something you will remember if you’re living with purpose.


    We have been teaching and training for four decades. Our goal is to create a new generation of practitioners who live with passion and purpose, and who choose to become the architect of their life.


    In just a short period of time, we will help you create the most explosive growth in your business — or start a new business — by teaching you how to help yourself and others achieve optimal health, pain-free living, and develop emotional stability. Without this there is no freedom.

    Finally, we offer our patients a money-back guarantee that their first treatment will outweigh all other treatments and therapies that they have received up until this point.

    Most physical therapists and other health professionals only ‘treat’ or ‘manage’ pain, usually with painful exercises, soothing massages or a quick adjustment. All typically just end up being ‘Band-Aid Therapy’, a quick fix but never dealing with the true cause. 

    If a therapist uses fingers or hands, there is no possible way that this can effectively open up muscle fibers, remove internal scar tissue, crystallization, calcium deposits, and adhesions from organs, joints, ligaments or tendons. 

    Whether you are talking about the Pfrimmer technique, Rolfing or any of the other so-called deep tissue techniques, nothing else compares to Wolfe Non-Surgical in its effectiveness, results, speed and longevity.

    With Wolfe Non-Surgical you learn how to give instant relief from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, all body pain – period. Help your patients or those you love regain their independence and take back their life with a proven breakthrough pain treatment that actually cures.

    In addition to Wolfe Non-Surgical we also show you proven internal and external therapies which includes nutraceuticals, bodyproud exercises and stretches, topical products and much more.

    What should I Bring?

  • Pen (x2)
  • Notebook
  • Recorder (or app on your phone that records)
  • 2 Bolsters: ideal should be 28”x10”x6” click here are some recommendations
  • Gymnastic Mat: (example 1example2)
  • Ideal size for bottom mat: 8‘ (long) x 4’ (wide) x 2” (thick) (tri-fold)
  • [Optional: For the top mat: 6’ (long) x 2’ (wide) x 2” (thick)]
  • Massage Chair (example 1example 2example 3)
  • Massage Table (example 1example 2)
  • Massage Table Sheets: Best to have both fitted and flat along with a fitted face rest cover
  • Towels: Bath Towels (2) and Hand Towels (2)
  • Clapper
  • Belly Button – Therapy Kit
  • Shot Glass
  • Essential Oils: Pain Away, Muscle Restore, Peppermint, Orange, Franckencense,
  • Coconut Oil: It should be in a wide-mouthed jar so that you can scoop it out with your hand
  • DMSO-Cream
  • DMSO-Gel
  • Comfortable Clothing:
  • – cotton shorts with elastic waistband
    – tank top with spaghetti straps or a tube top
  • Water Bottle
  • Personal Supplements / Nutraceuticals
  • Phone Plan, if going out of country
  • Flight Insurance ***purchase a refundable ticket (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • Passport, if going out of country
  • Note: Additionally, we recommend you do a Perfect Day Consult now, prior to the course. This will help you to start to buffer down your body’s inflammation and help you flow through the course.
  • This over 400 Page Manual is the accumulation of 45 years of in the trenches clinical work and 35 years of teaching, lecturing & certification courses around the world.

    ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ holds the keys to guarding and protecting your health from the food conglomerates and pharmaceutical corporations that are determined to own every piece of you. Everyone has an agenda; just make sure theirs matches yours!

    This 300 Page Advanced PATIENT Guide is the accumulation of 45 years of in the trenches clinical work and 35 years of lecturing & teaching certification courses around the world.

    cer WNS

    "The World Needs Leaders
    Not Followers...
    Be Your Own Leader."

    Refund Policy:
    – Any and All Courses & Certifications less than $5,000 have a Non-Refundable Fee of $500
    – Any and All Courses & Certifications over $5,000 have a Non-Refundable Fee of $1,000
    – There is No Refund 10 Days Prior to the start date of Any and All Courses & Certifications
    Change Policy:
    – There is a Change Fee of $200 for Any & All Courses & Certifications. Changes Must be Within a 12 Month Period.