WLC – Stuart, Florida
(wed, June 5 – thu, june 13, 2024)


DATE: Wednesday, June 5 – Thu, June 13, 2024
COURSE PLACE: Florida, More Info Coming soon
COURSE ADDRESS: More Info Coming soon
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2

WLC – Coffs Harbour, Australia
(Wed, Aug 7 – Thur, Aug 15 – 2024)


DATE: Wednesday, August 7 - Thursday August 15, 2024
COURSE PLACE: To Be Announced
PHONE: +61 0 413-993-493

WLC – Ixtapa, Mex
(Wed, Oct 9 – Thur, Oct 17, 2024)


DATE: October 9 – 17, 2024
COURSE PLACE: Cala de Mar Resort & Spa Ixtapa
COURSE ADDRESS: Paseo, Punta Ixtapa S/N, Zona Hotelera II, 40880 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro.
HOST: Doc of detox
PHONE: 1-855-900-4544 Ext 0, 1, 2


The Whole Life Coach Course is the Game Changer in
HealthCare Today.

This 9 day intensive professional course will change you from the inside out, and the outside in. You can not give what you are not. This course was created for those who wish to become health practitioners, or who feel stuck in the Medical HealthCare or Natural HealthCare System and want to bring their potential to the highest level both personally and professionally. 


Just know this, this course attracts a broad spectrum of health professionals such as nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and all forms of naturopathic doctors. I know these seem like big statements, but you can see testimonials from all these professionals validating this fact. 


How would it feel to empower your patients and clients to create the Perfect Day on an emotional, nutritional and physical level from the moment they rise until they gently close their eyes?


And yes, you’ll treat patients but the ultimate goal is to train and empower them to become their own practitioner for themselves and their family. Until the practitioner focuses on training, that practitioner is mis-treating. We must work from the point of view of the Power of Love, not the love of power. This is the way that we can touch and heal the hearts of many.

Think about this:

No more healthcare… it’s SelfCare No more followers… just Leaders



This course is recognized by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM) and is designed to give you the most advanced tools, strategies and techniques in nutrition, emotional therapy, and physical wellness. 

This course was created to bring health professionals to their highest level. However, we do have a lot of lay people from the general populace who want the best training possible for themselves because most say they can not go on living like this. This is why we get 20-30% of attendees from the general population who do not wish to do this professionally. They attend this course because they want the best and want to go deep so as to become the tipping point of change for themselves and their family. By the end of the Whole Life Coach course they feel they are back on course, or have even (re)discovered their passion and purpose in life and go on to become practitioners. 


Why are Whole Life Coach programs popping up like pizza stands? Because the need is there. Unfortunately the training is not. I have met hundreds of practitioners who call themselves Whole Life Coaches, and I mean this in the best way, but I’d never want to be consulted nutritionally, physically and definitely never emotionally by most of these practitioners. Too many of them have taken a superficial online course or just a textbook course with no support nor continued education. I don’t believe that you can give a course of this magnitude without ongoing teaching and support, and it definitely can not come solely from a textbook. If the practitioner or student is unable to uncover their authentic self, how would they ever be able to do that for anyone else?

How beneficial would it be to learn the patterns in human behavior that make people irrational, frustrated and overwhelmed to the point of wanting to give up on themselves? And then to be able to help them? 

Being able to recognize patterns and triggers — in yourself and others —is the first step to unleashing the power to heal. You can only give what you are. With all due respect, most practitioners remain broken inside. 



For almost 4 decades, Dr Darrell Wolfe devoted his life to creating life-changing therapies and trainings, strategies and tools for existing practitioners, those who wish to become practitioners, and those who wish to bring their health to the highest level.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe ran the first Whole Life Coach Course when he was 27 years old. Forty years later, he now teaches it and 3 other courses worldwide.

Doctors, chiropractors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists have all taken this course. Most say that they get more out of these nine days than they got in their whole schooling.  It’s not that they are given more information. Rather they are taught what they really need to know, not what they don’t need to know. They learn to not just treat their patients, but to start training them by using logic, truth and knowledge based on true wisdom – the most powerful tools needed to help others heal. They learn that Natural Health has been diluted and twisted. In fact some of the practices they have been taught can actually cause harm and do not treat the real issues in the tissues. The sad truth is that any school or course that has been government approved is not necessarily taught in the best interest of the people but in the best interest of the few that feed off of the many.

With all the medical breakthroughs, experts, and natural health professionals, why do we find ourselves sick, fat and exhausted?! Everything is a program. We need a new  one. It’s called the Whole Life Coach Course. This course is based on logic and critical thinking. 

So if you always wanted to become a practitioner, then this is the course for you. If you already are a healthcare worker, this course is for you. Similarly, If you were displaced due to your beliefs, take this as a sign of the new type of HealthCare. Welcome to the New World Practitioner (NWP). 

Participants learn to become emotionally balanced, nutritionally balanced and physically balanced because it all begins and ends with you. You can not give what you are not. You can only give what you are. 

In this course you will uncover and discover the genius within… the true healer. This is an intense training on an emotional, nutritional, physical, psychological and functional level. In just nine days you will unlearn what has been taught to relearn what really works.

Why is it that no matter how bad or how poor the results are for their patients, practitioners keep repeating the same therapy over and over again?! Why? Because they actually believe “this is as good as it gets”. There’s nothing wrong with the practitioner, it’s the program. Or how about this, just because the majority of so-called healthcare systems are repeating the same thing with the same results, it doesn’t make it right. And what if the minority of healthcare systems were doing something different yet achieving what people would call impossible results? Are you open enough to have a new way of thinking? You can’t fix a system, you can only change it. When is it a good time to think outside the box? Now is the time for us to unlearn and rethink healthcare. 



Most significantly, we will help you crack the coconut, ie. your subconscious. This will help you create a new belief system, come to a new realization, have a mindset shift and develop a new sense of self, despite years of believing you are your personality. We do not create our success or our health… our thoughts do. What if our thoughts are toxic and twisted though? Then you wouldn’t notice. Welcome to self discovery and life’s most beautiful journey to take. Let’s create new empowering thoughts, new empowering belief systems and let’s change the world one person at a time, starting with you.


Whether you think of yourself as depressed, lacking confidence, insecure, easy-to-anger, emotionally out of balance, or that you have some “incurable” disease, this course is for you. Just know, all of these are crippling Belief Systems that have a chokehold on the majority. Welcome to the program…. let’s create a new one.


We have the most advanced nutraceuticals that can be found. Dr Darrell Wolfe has made it his mission to find the highest frequency in nutraceuticals and energy medicine therapy around the world. Whether you’re aware of this or not you can turn yourself on and off, and you can turn disease on or off (all the way to cancer) because it’s all about frequency, vibration and inflammation. That’s real science.


Although the Whole Life Coach (WLC) is only 9 days, you’re going to find out that you have so much more that you can give to yourself and others. In just that short period of time, you will learn how to achieve optimal health, gain emotional stability, and enact the power of positive thinking. Welcome to Massive Personal Action.

As early as the second to third day, you will see breakthroughs on all levels that you have not seen in other trainings nor teachings before. We will help you become conscious so that you will then have subconscious breakthroughs each and every day. 

The reality, though, is that your training never stops. Advanced Weekly Trainings along with a designated Practitioner Support Line are provided to you. In addition to health and healing, we focus on everything: from how to market yourself, to how to operate your practice effectively and how to get yourself out there to the world.



Whether we’re talking about internal or external therapies, including exercise or nutrition, what worked 50 years ago no longer works today. Eighty-six (86%) of the population has an autoimmune disease. There are more Natural Health Practitioners than ever before but people are sicker than they’ve ever been before. Last but not least, is a medical breakthrough actually a health breakthrough? I think not.


The world has changed over the last 100 years. Did you know we take in more toxins in one year than they did in 30 years 100 years ago?! Isn’t that something… Just like we must change and grow, so must healthcare. What worked then no longer works today.


That’s why we here at Doc of Detox do not sell supplements, we sell nutraceuticals – and not just nutraceuticals, but the highest vibrational nutraceuticals. (And we have the tests to prove it.) But let’s not stop there. Why do a coffee enema, when you can do an Ultimate Coffee Enema. What if I told you that water fasting is dangerous? That’s why we do an Advanced Water Fast that is not only not dangerous, it also supercharges healing on all levels, and we can prove it. And then there’s exercise, who needs it? Nobody. Not the way we’ve been doing it, not the way it’s been done. It’s time to rethink fitness. We need to lengthen, strengthen, detox and tone because that’s the bodyPROUD way.  And how about the most powerful energy medicine equipment? Now we’re talking circulation, rejuvenation and total restoration through vibration, frequency and light.


These are secrets to the holy grail of youthful aging and healthful living that you will learn. How would you like to be part of a team called BraveHeart Nation that never has stagnation only creation (through imagination). 


Doc of Detox has brought all our strategies and therapies into the 20th century. We have bridged science and natural medicine to give you the most powerful Whole Life Coach training possible. Welcome to the future of medicine. It’s only NATURAL. Join our mission to touch and heal the hearts of millions. 

Find Your Passion


Now is the time to take your life back on an emotional, physical and nutritional level (And help your patients do the same)!

• Take 1 Wolfe Non-Surgical BodyWork Certification AND 1 Whole Life Coach Certification Course to become a New World Practitioner

• Take 1 Wolfe Non-Surgical BodyWork Certification or 1 Whole Life Coach Certification  Course and get your business started. Take both three times and become a Master Practitioner and join our World Referral Map.

• Help train 3 of our New World Practitioner Certifications and go on our New World Master Trainer map for referrals. The sky is the limit. Reach for it.

• To uncover and discover more, review the 12 Keys to Greatness: Unlocking Your Personal and Professional Potential


Great question. The truth is that it is never the same. That’s because we cater each Whole Life Coach around the people and practitioners who are attending. We address their issues, and focus time where needed.

In general though we focus on helping you have mindset shifts, pivot your personality, uncover and discover your chokeholds and break through dysfunctional Belief Systems whether emotional, physical or financial.

We cover diet, nutrition and nutraceuticals;  diseases, ailments, discomforts and their respective remedies and solutions; mental, emotional, physical and psychological wellness; advanced energy medicine; meditation and mindfulness; lengthening, stretching and detoxifying exercises; internal and external therapies and answer all your questions.

To excel your learning Dr. Darrell Wolfe will be doing live consultations with patients experiencing emotional or physiological conditions.

Wolfe Non-Surgical bodywork treatments will also be performed on participants experiencing physical complaints who want them addressed. We will take it further to show you that issues that the medical system and other natural body workers can’t reverse can in fact be reversed… in the first treatment (in most cases). This is where the impossible is “I AM Possible” and the “irreversible” becomes “reversible”. It’s not just bodywork, we are pulling the veil down to show that all healing has been compromised on a psychological and biological level.

The course starts at 8AM daily and ends between 4-5PM, with a 1 hour lunch and some 5-10 minute breaks.

You go through a process that helps you discover the way you and others think and feel. You come to learn why we do what we do in our lives emotionally, physically and nutritionally. Every thought, every feeling, every emotion you experience in this lifetime is shaped by — and shapes — your belief systems and your reality map.

Our life, including our health, is not just controlled but is mastered by the decisions we make, what we believe, how we feel and what we do. With this psychological and physiological breakthrough training, we will teach you a new way of treating and caring for yourself and others emotionally and physically.

We provide all our graduates with the most powerful techniques, strategies and products along with ongoing support to ensure that you are always leading the way.

A New World Practitioner (NWP) becomes that which they wish to give.

The Whole Life Coach Certification has earned the reputation as being the most effective, life-changing course for practitioners or people who wish to take health and wellness to the highest level. 

This professional reputation is based on years of success with our practitioner graduates and our patients. With this breakthrough training and our ongoing support, you will always have the confidence and the knowledge needed to create a new way of life for the ones you love and for your patients.

We pride ourselves on the training, ongoing support, and the personal attention we provide because this ensures long term success. 

It is natural to develop a financially successful business because we teach strategies, techniques and protocols to assist you and your patients. You are also provided with  foundational nutritional products as well as the latest advancements in energy medicine that you get wholesale for your clients. This breakthrough certification course is successful because of our teaching-training methods. We show you how to attain your goals while accomplishing life-changing results.

You also have special privileges within the app, a personal line to Dr Darrell Wolfe where you can have all your questions answered, and a spot on all Master Consultant Training calls. 

During this course we help you break down barriers, show you how to market yourself, provide the app as a platform to grow you as your brand, and we help you get into your comfort zone of being seen on social media and doing live video. 

All of this is to support you in making and shaping your business to be the success you want. If you take these steps, then you will be successful with your patients and also your finances. Over the last 35 years, we have proven this. 

You all can have what you want. We’ll show you the way.

If we continue to practice the same techniques that the majority of the population has been forced to embrace, whether this be medical or natural therapy, we will continue to get the same ineffective results.

  • – Truly, how many people do you know have turned their condition around or are getting better?
  • – How many people do you know in your life that have a condition who are actually getting helped?
  • – Truly, how many practitioners out there actually stop the progress of their patients’ degeneration, or turn their condition around?

All practitioners treat their patients, but unless training becomes part of the healing, then practitioners — medical or natural — will never have true success as a healer. 

The health manual that is used by the majority of Natural Health practitioners today was written in part by pharmaceutical corporations, food conglomerates and petrochemical companies and yet has been spoon-fed to the North American population by the media and medical system that this is as good as it gets.  

The Whole Life Coach program is not part of that which is why even doctors and specialists can expect to be wowed by their new success. 


What Topics Are Covered?

– Why current health systems are broken and cannot be fixed

– What is a New World practitioner

– Why cookie cutter treatments don’t work and why personalized strategies are the future of healthcare
Training before treatment

– Why the invisible always trumps the physical

– Why the brain is the Chemist

– How hormones and chemicals make and shape you

– Why changing your personality changes your reality

– Why expansion is more important than contraction

– How to open up and remove circulatory blockages in your body

– Discover how you can master your body by mastering your mind
– The invisible creates the physical
– How to reconnect and master the gut brain connection

– Why microcirculation is the key to longevity

– The true cause of premature aging and disease

– The physical blocks that cripple healthcare

– Eliminating fibroids and tumors

– Total joint restoration

– Eliminating surgery from the equation

– The ultimate bodywork experience
– Making the impossible possible Instant healing, instant pain relief

– Watch how Dr. Wolfe performs a live personal consultation on a patient on an emotional and physical level to create the perfect day strategy for living HEALTHY TO 100

– The highway to health or sickness
– The 5th — and most important — food group…vibrational
– Live foods, food combining and blood type
– Beyond ketogenics

– How vibration trumps supplementation

– Why we teach whole plant based supplementation

– Healing with nature’s nano nutrients

– Energy medicine is the future

Yes, after each section, you are given 5-10 minutes to stretch your legs, take a washroom break, get something to eat or drink, or have a chit chat. Lunch also generally lasts an hour, at approx 12 or 1 pm.

Plus, while the course lasts for 9 days, there is a 1 day break after day 4. This allows you to assimilate and elevate all that you learned.


∙ Pen (x2)
∙ Notebook
∙ Recorder (or voice memo/audio recording app on your phone)
∙ Clapper
∙ Belly Button Therapy Kit
∙ Water Bottle
∙ Personal Supplements / Nutraceuticals
∙ Comfortable Clothing
∙ Phone Plan, if going out of country
∙ Flight Insurance ***purchase a refundable ticket (optional, but strongly suggested)
∙ Passport, if going out of country

This 300 Page Advanced PRACTITIONER Guide is the accumulation of 45 years of in the trenches clinical work and 35 years of lecturing & teaching certification courses around the world.

‘HEALTHY TO 100’ holds the keys to guarding and protecting your health from the food conglomerates and pharmaceutical corporations that are determined to own every piece of you. Everyone has an agenda; just make sure theirs matches yours!

cert WLC

"The World Needs Leaders
Not Followers...
Be Your Own Leader."

Refund Policy:
– Any and All Courses & Certifications less than $5,000 have a Non-Refundable Fee of $500
– Any and All Courses & Certifications over $5,000 have a Non-Refundable Fee of $1,000
– There is No Refund 10 Days Prior to the start date of Any and All Courses & Certifications
Change Policy:
– There is a Change Fee of $200 for Any & All Courses & Certifications. Changes Must be Within a 12 Month Period.