You must first become a New World Practitioner. That means you must complete 2 certifications. 


  • Whole Life Coach Certification 

  • Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification


In doing so, this earns you 2 diplomas, both which are recognized by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM). 


To become a Master Practitioner, you must redo the courses a 2nd and 3rd time. This allows time to perfect your knowledge, skills and technique. By the end you are considered a Master Practitioner of both the Whole Life Coach and Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy certifications.

Bonus – Get Referrals: Master Practitioners are eligible for referrals and prime visibility in the community app if approved. To be approved you are required to provide video, photos and description of the office space in which you plan to operate your practice. You must also submit a link to your own website that must be professional and fully functioning.

To maintain referral status, practitioners must attend 80% of Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Advanced Master Training Classes and the Wolfe Non-Surgical Advanced Training Zoom each week.

Master Practitioners are then able to continue their training to become a Master Trainer. 


For a Master Practitioner to become a Master Trainer, you must complete the following requirements:

– Nutritional / Emotional Consultations
 • 200 hours must be documented and completed

– Wolfe Non-Surgical Bodywork Treatments
 • 500 hours must be documented and completed

– For both Wolfe Non-Surgical & Whole Life Coach
 • New World Practitioner Assistant Trainer

– Wolfe Non-Surgical Assistant Trainer
 • Acting as the assistant trainer for 3 courses
 • Assessment and Approval by Dr. Darrell Wolfe & Dr. Sage Wolfe

Note: If Dr. Darrell Wolfe and Dr. Sage Wolfe are not confident in the Master Practitioner being able to properly fulfil the role of Master Trainer, they will suggest additional study and practice, until approved. Progress, if not on site at a training course or facility, must be documented and submitted to the International Training Institute of Health (ITIOH) in the form of completed Whole Life Coaching consultations and Wolfe Non-Surgical treatments.


For the Master Trainer to receive a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, the following requirements must be met: 

– Nutritional / Emotional Consultations 
• 2000 hours must be documented and completed

– Wolfe Non-Surgical Bodywork Treatments
• 2000 hours must be documented and completed

– Trainer for the Whole Life Course
• Must teach as the Lead Trainer with Dr Darrell Wolfe as the assistant (3+ courses)

– Trainer for Wolfe Non-Surgical 
• Must teach as the Lead Trainer with Dr Sage Wolfe as the assistant trainer (3+ courses)

– Assessment and Approval by Advisory Council for review
• This includes Dr. Darrell Wolfe & Dr. Sage Wolfe 
• Features a Panel Interview by our Advisory & Executive Team

Note: Upon successful completion, Dr. Darrell Wolfe & Dr. Sage Wolfe will submit your information to the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM) to grant you your Doctorate in Natural Medicine 

For the Master Trainer to receive a Doctorate in Indigenous Plant Medicine, the following requirements must be met: 

• Submit a 2000 word essay 

• Panel Interview with the Indigenous Elders

• Already have a Dr designation:
– Naturopathic Doctors
– Medical Doctors
– Natural Medicine Doctors accredited by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM)  &/or

• Already be a New World Master Practitioner who has been in practice for a year.

• Complete the Training Course

Note: Upon Successful completion a letter will be provided by the Elder Chief to grant you your Doctorate in Indigenous Plant Medicine


Make use of all the tools available to you to build your brand and practice.

• Practitioners Portal
• Exclusive Community App
• Social Media Training
• Website Development
• Search Engine Optimization.
• Direct Access to Dr. Darrell Wolfe and Dr. Sage Wolfe
• Ongoing Training Calls

These tools will help you succeed, if you use them. Congratulations. Now go out and make your voice heard. 


is a combined course of
Whole Life Coach
Wolfe Non-Surgical


To become certified as a New World Practitioner, you must complete a Whole Life Coach course — AND — Wolfe Non-Surgical program. 

To supercharge your practice as a New World Practitioner, practitioners can opt to become a Master Practitioner.

Rather than 1 course, this requires that you join us on any 3 pit-stops of the New World Practitioner World Tour where you will be taking the Whole Life Coach course and Wolfe Non-Surgical certification a total of 3 times. 

In doing so, you develop a deeper appreciation, understanding and sense of community. Plus, when you are active as a Master Practitioner, you are featured more prominently in the app to market yourself and your services.

Many healthcare workers are feeling disheartened: 

  • I’ve lost my passion. 
  • I’ve lost my drive. 
  • I bottomed out.
  • I’ve hit the top. 


When they take the New World Practitioner Certification they are able to supercharge their practice with strategies that are empowering for themselves and their patients. 

Chiropractors, especially, are tired. They all say the same thing: It is not enjoyable snapping bones back into place because they pop out again after a few weeks or even days. In fact, many chiropractors are seeing patients every second week, or week, for years. Yes, years. 

Many doctors, body workers and therapists are noticing more patients needing canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and surgeries.  Why? Because Natural Health has been diluted and is twisted. 

Through the New World Practitioner program, this changes. In this course you will unlearn to learn. This will supercharge your knowledge, innate wisdom and abilities. You will discover a whole new set of rules to help others heal: focusing on eliminating an inflammatory diet — what you feed your body and mind — to treating issues in the tissues —ie. calcification, inflammation and scar tissue — which are most often issues in the joints.

Most body workers do not understand that it’s not just issues in the tissues, it’s mainly issues in the joints. So many people complain that they are crippled physically not realizing that they’re actually crippled emotionally first. Most of the courses you take are even diluted or twisted or just don’t work. 

So healthcare professionals out there — whether you’re in the natural health care field, or you’re in the medical field — if you find yourself going down a one way street to boredom or if you have developed a mistrust in what you were taught professionally, then this certification is for you. 

It is time to ignite your passion, illuminate your purpose, and reinvigorate joy within your practice. 

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"The World Needs Leaders
Not Followers...
Be Your Own Leader."

Dr. Darrell Wolfe