3 Day Masterclass

Live or Online

Hosted by Master Practitioners:

Serena Foxon

Lorraine Clifford

Symren Persaud

Alicia Williams

Serena is a Pilates and Yin Yoga Specialist & has travelled extensively researching Pelvic Restoration issues. One of the travels brought her to the Mantak Chia Tao Energy School of Healing in Thailand where she was able to put together this new Pelvic Restoration and Disease Prevention Masterclass with Dr Darrell Wolfe. This included the Inner Alchemy and Healing Love course the Tao way. From her learning in the Tao School she also became a microcurrent practitioner, and familiar with Chi Nei Tsang, organs release with the elbow, and Kasai Nei Tsang, genital therapeutic massage.These two learnings have enhanced her practice in Wolfe Non Surgical where she is able to bring together the two disciplines of East and West, to lead this new Pelvic Restoration and Disease Prevention Masterclass.

(Printed Manual)

This ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ PDF holds the keys to guarding and protecting your health from the food conglomerates and pharmaceutical corporations that are determined to own every piece of you. Everyone has an agenda; just make sure theirs matches yours! 

Benefits of Pelvic Restoration:

  • Transform sexual energy into healing energy.
  • Revitalize your nervous system – Increase brain power, including memory
  • Help yourself heal, reduce pain and feel better
  • Stay healthy, feel youthful and pain free
  • Restore healthy sexual energy
  • Develop inner beauty and outer glow
  • Unlock your pelvic health to become empowered and live a life of health and happiness
  • What You Will Learn:

    (click on each one for more)

  • Lion Heart Breaths
  • Microcosmic Orbit Breathing
  • Ovarian breathing
  • Function & Dysfunction
  • Sexual Glands, Organs & Connective Tissues
  • Cultivating Self-Healing, Regeneration & Restoration
  • Disease Prevention
  • Increase Brain Power & Boost Memory
  • Restore your Nervous System
  • Increasing Systemic Vitality
  • Pelvic Floor Muscles, Abs & Glutes
  • Causes, Treatments, Prevention
  • Taoist:
    – Full Body Shaking (for relaxation),
    – Sacral pump, Crane and Tortoise (warm ups).
    – Upward Draw
    – Breast Massage
  • ​Yin Yoga
    – Pelvic Restoration and maintenance exercises
    – Exercises to develop and maintain strength, length, tone and detox sending continuous flow of oxygen throughout your organs and glands
  • Doc of Detox Therapies
    – Belly button therapy
    – Clapping
    – Crab Stretch
    – Pelvic Squats.
    – Wolfe Non-Surgical
  • Accordion Content
  • Personalized Muscle Testing
  • Introduction to Vaginal Device
  • Intimate Massage – awaken undeveloped nerve endings in your genitals
  • Pelvic Floor Mirror Work & Self-Exam
  • This Master Class Includes personalized programs and group calls to help you continually optimize your pelvic health. Once the course ends… the discovery begins.

    So, Should You Take This Course?

  • Women willing to love and honour themselves unconditionally by creating new and empowering beliefs.
  • Women prepared to enter the world of sacred feminity with personal taking action steps to awaken and reconnect with their true sensual, sexual, divine self.
  • All Women who experience any discomfort or diagnoses in the abdominal, bladder, vaginal or pelvic region. This includes infertility.
  • Females who wish to enhance their sexual health and pleasure &/or get pregnant.
  • Females who experience incontinence or urinary leaking from coughing or laughing
  • Females who are suffering from any autoimmune diseases, all breast conditions, as they are all linked to a dysfunctional diseased pelvis. Female Master Practitioners who wish to further their education & understanding — and/or — who wish to become trainers of the Pelvic Restoration & Disease Prevention Master Class .
  • YOU… if you are experiencing symptoms from:
    – Caesarean
    – Constipation
    – Fibroids
    – Hemorrhoids
    – Hernia
    – Hysterectomy ​
    – Incontinence
    – Infertility
    – Menopause
    – Ovarian Cysts
    – Painful Lovemaking
    – Painful Periods
    – Pelvic Organ
    – Prolapses
    – Sexual Health
    – Lack of Orgasms
    – Low Libido / Loss of
    – Sex Drive
    – Surgical Mesh
    – Tummy Tuck
    – Vagina Issues
    – Vaginal Dryness
    – Vaginismus
    – Vaginitis

    Every woman deserves great health. To achieve this she must unleash the power of the holy grail, this being the pelvis. More specifically, the vaginal canal and what lies within it. This 3 day Pelvic Restoration & Disease Prevention MasterClass will provide the strategies, tools and techniques on a physical and emotional level that will trigger a domino effect of whole body healing. Feed the spirit… heal the body. Take massive personal action to awaken and reconnect to your true sensual, sexual, feminine power and divine self.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    If you happen to be on your period during the Masterclass, all good! You can still participate and get all the benefits from it. Just let us know and we will modify some of the exercises for you.

    You can’t participate in the exercise portion of the training if you are pregnant, have a fever above 98.6 F or 37 C, any infections during the time of the masterclass (as the increased blood flow can make it worse), or had any surgery on pelvis floor within the last 8 weeks

    With regard to the Energy Yoni Egg, although the egg exercise is extremely beneficial, it’s not benefitical for everyone all the time.

    Do not practice with an egg:
  • When you are pregnant
  • When you are menstruating
  • When you have an infection or inflammation in your vagina or bladder
  • If you have a prolapsed vagina
  • If you have had pelvic surgery in the past three months
  • If you use an IUD (intrauterine device/coil}
  • If you have just given birth. Wait 3-4 weeks after giving birth to do the egg exercise. However, gentle pelvic floor exercises can be practised as soon as possible after birth. Please ask your midwife or physician for their approval
  • Yes, but not necessarily while pregnant (as there are certain exercises you can’t participate in). It is a great course to take if you’re planning to get pregnant or facing infertility.

  • Caesarean
  • Constipation
  • Fibroids
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Hernia
  • Hysterectomy
  • ​Incontinence
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Painful Lovemaking 
  • Painful Periods
  • Pelvic Surgeries
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapses
  • Sexual Health
  • Lack of Orgasms
  • Low Libido / Loss of Sex Drive
  • Surgical Mesh
  • Tummy Tuck 
  • Vagina Issues
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginitis
  • What should I do to prep?

    You must complete the Intake Form and Waiver. This is part of your registration process. 

    1-855-900-4544 EXT. 5
    469 861 9454

    Send write up to Office@docofdetox.com
  • Why you are taking the course
  • What you want to get out of the course
  • What is your course history? What courses have you taken? How many times? 
  • Any and all Pelvic Issues you are facing
  • Age 
  • Pelvic Surgeries
  • DOD Courses and number of times taken (NWP, WNS, WLC, Braveheart Healing Circle)
  • Any Pregnancies
  • Contraindications / Health Issues
  • You must purchase the items listed below. Just click on the linked words to open up the links. Bring them with you each day of the course. Links listed below are just suggestions, however you may purchase similar from wherever you prefer.
    • – Energy Yoni Egg – or from Amazon: Energy Yoni Egg  – If you’re a beginner, we recommend jade – They come in 3 sizes individually — small, medium & large — or a package of 3.  Choose 1 or all 3, we recommend small or medium for beginners. – Pre-drilled with a string is preferred. This makes for easy removal. 
    • – Vaginal Dilator Dependent on individual needs
    • – Vaginal Lubricant Launcher  – For ease of application, we recommend a lubricant launcher similar to these in the link provided – Ideally purchase 2 so you can use one specific for the Infinite Iodine Vaginal Infusion and one for the Vaginal Infusion.
    •  – Vaginal Infusion Product Bundle – This is a specific bundle of products put together by Dr Darrell Wolfe, the Doc of Detox.
    • – Vaginal Iodine Infusion

    Yoga Mat
    Yoga Block
    Belly Button tool 
    • Towel – one hand & one bath is recommended
    • Water Bottle
    • 2 Shot Glasses (ideally one tall, one short)
    • Handheld Mirror
    • Your Free Spirit & Open Mind!

  • Long skirt / Beach Wrap / Sarong (whatever you feel prefer) 
  • PLUS: shorts or yoga pants beneath for stretching exercises
  • Eat lightly: preferably smoothies, juice & plenty of structured water.
  • Whole Food Plant Based is recommended.
  • A Complete Video on the 3Day Pelvic MasterClass (yours for LIFE!)
  • 7 Day followup live Q & A
  • Calls to Action to Track Your Progress  
  • Weekly Group Phone Calls & Celebrations (recorded)
  • Exclusive Online Private Community Chat Room

    Prior to your MasterClass Pelvic Training, read or watch:

  • The Perfect Day Guide
  • ‘I am Woman’
  • ‘A to Z Issues in the Tissues’
  • ‘Pelvic Restoration’ video
  • ‘The Highway to Health, Your Digestive Tract’
  • ‘The Domino Effect of the Large Intestine’
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence of Cancer, Disease and Healing’
  • ‘12 Loving Steps’
  • cert Pelvis

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    Become Your Own Hero"

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